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Today, dermal fillers have become one of the most sought after cosmetic treatments. At All Dental Group, we get a lot of inquiries about our dermal filler treatments, and many of our patients come to us not only to improve their smile but also to enhance their face.

Dermal fillers can be used to address many issues concerning facial aging, and it can help by:

  • Adding volume to the skin, thereby reducing the appearance of deep creases in the nose and mouth.
  • Making thin lips look plumper and getting rid of the lines at the tips.
  • Augmenting the cheeks to make the face look more youthful.

How It Works

Dermal fillers are made of either natural or synthetic substance, and it is injected directly into the skin. It plumps the area to get rid of depressions, folds and wrinkles. The effects can last from 6 months to two years depending on the type of filler used. Most permanent fillers can have effects that will last for as long as five years, and some people have even reported getting much longer-lasting results.

Getting Dermal Fillers

There are many reasons to consider dermal fillers. If you want to correct signs of aging that cannot be resolved with the use of skin care products, then this option might be best for you.

With this cosmetic treatment, you will look at least ten years younger, and the results will last for several months or even years.

If you want to try dermal fillers, the next step is to consult a qualified and trained medical professional. Contact All Group Dental at (305) 512-0066 to schedule an appointment.

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thumb_01_60_60Yahaira T.
I've been coming here since February 2013 and before I found this office I didn't feel as comfortable as I feel everytime I come here. The whole staff is excellent! They're friendly and professional. Dr. Gherbali is amazing, I don't change her for anything. I don't live close to the office yet I still come because simply is just worth it.
thumb_01_60_60Iraines R.
I was recommended to this practice by a friend and I am really thankful that she made this suggestion. My husband and I have been a patients at this dental practice for about 3 years and we are both EXTREMELY happy with the treatment that we receive. The office staff and the doctors are friendly, professional and always looking out for our best interest. The entire staff makes our dentist visits enjoyable!!
thumb_01_60_60Vanler N.
I been coming to this office for years. I referred a lot of my family here. We are all very happy here. You will be taken care and have an amazing experience with all the team members.

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