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Here at All Dental Group, we recommend the use of orthodontic retainers to patients who were required to use braces or other kinds of devices to straighten their teeth.

Why Use Retainers?

Many people think that treatment stops once a specific procedure is done or when braces have been removed. However, teeth and bones are capable of shifting back to their original positions. The human face has the capacity to change even as they age. As people mature so do their teeth and face.

Patients who have received treatments to straighten their teeth are at risk of having teeth fall back to their old positions. In fact, there’s a term for it in the world of dentistry – its occurrence is known as a relapse. When relapse happens, the previous treatment loses its effect as teeth may become misaligned once again. Orthodontic retainers help to keep teeth in their correct place until the body has fully adapted to the change.

What Are Orthodontic Retainers?
Orthodontic retainers are custom made oral devices. These are commonly made from plastic and wire and are fitted into the mouth.

Often these are used before or after using a dental brace. Retainers are customized to specifically fit a patient’s mouth. This ensures that proper support is provided for the teeth and gums to stay in place after treatment. The most common type of retainers has a wire which runs through the front of the teeth. Although these can be seen, they are much less are visible than orthodontic braces.

There are different varieties of retainers offered at All Dental Group. These range from removable types to fixed retainers. Our dentists are trained to assess the needs of each patient and provide them with the most appropriate orthodontic retainers for them.

Using your Retainers

It is important that patients use their retainers as instructed by their dentist. Failing to follow proper wearing instructions or not wearing orthodontic retainers for the prescribed period will result in relapse.

Having the right retainers and following proper instructions for these devices is the best way to retain the alignment of your teeth after wearing braces or undergoing certain procedures.

If you think you can benefit from wearing orthodontic retainers, please contact All Dental Group at (305) 512-0066 to schedule an appointment. Our office is located in Miami Lakes, Florida.

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