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Your teeth are meant to last a lifetime but, sometimes, circumstances arise that require permanent teeth to be extracted. One reason tooth extraction becomes necessary, for instance, is when a tooth has become so badly damaged – from decay, trauma or other conditions – that repairing it is no longer an option. Other reasons for tooth extraction include infection, crowded teeth, impacted teeth and gum disease.
If the damage or decay to the tooth has extended to its pulp – a tooth’s center that contains blood vessels and nerves – there is the possibility that the bacteria found in your mouth can go into this pulp and develop into an infection. While this condition is often corrected with root canal therapy or antibiotics, the severity of some infections can only be eliminated by tooth extraction.

Another dental situation which may necessitate tooth extractions is orthodontia. This involves aligning the teeth properly, something which may not be possible if you have crowded teeth.

When the bones and tissues supporting and surrounding your teeth develop an infection, you may develop gum disease, otherwise known as periodontal disease, and if left untreated, it can destroy the tooth’s structure which will require it to be taken out.


Most people are afraid of tooth extraction procedures. But here at All Dental Group we always do our best to make our patients comfortable. We will administer local anesthesia after numbing the area so you won’t feel any pain. However, if you are still anxious, we can give you a sedative so you will feel relaxed during the whole procedure. If several teeth need to be removed, general anesthesia may be given.

If the tooth is impacted, our dentist will need to remove some gum and bone tissue. He will gently grasp your tooth and rock it back and forth very gently until it is loosened. A gauze pad will be placed onto the socket, and you need to bite down to it. Sometimes, stitches may also be needed.

How to Avoid Tooth Extraction

While advancements in dental technology are able to discreetly and successfully replace permanent teeth – including dentures and implants – there is nothing better than avoiding tooth extraction and retaining your natural teeth. Regular visits to your dentist ensure that your teeth remain healthy, strong, and shiny.

At All Dental Group, you can avail of cleanings and other dental services to keep not only your teeth but your gums in great condition. A dental visit will always consist of a check-up and a cleaning. The former is important to check if you have cavities and if your teeth have tartar or plaque. Cleaning your teeth follows the checkup, and it begins when your gums are checked using a specialized tool that measures those spaces between gums and teeth.

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