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*Most offices charge $5,500-$7,500!

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Oral Hygiene Is Easier
You’ll Never Have Orthodontic Emergencies
Invisalign Is Comfortable
You Can Remove Your Aligners
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$29 Kid's Complete Checkup

$59 Cleaning Exam & X-rays
$39 Emergency Exam
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Dr Alexandra Gherbali

Dr. Alexandra Gherbali

Dr. Alexandra Gherbali attended Dental School in Germany from 1996 to 1999. In 2005, she graduated from NYU College of Dentistry, known worldwide for its excellent reputation. Her gentle and….

Education: Graduated from NYU College of Dentistry

Office Hours:

Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm

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7415 Miami Lakes Dr, Miami Lakes, FL 33014

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Dr. Alexandra Gherbali

Dr. Alexandra Gherbali attended Dental School in Germany from 1996 to 1999. In 2005, she graduated from NYU College of Dentistry, known worldwide for its excellent reputation. Her gentle and thorough approach towards patients allows her to create beautiful, healthy smiles. Along with her team, her mission is to create a trustful environment for her patients.

What brought you to Miami Lakes, Florida?

I moved from Germany to Miami looking for a change in weather.

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Colgate Total

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We believe in providing a high quality, low cost dental service. We offer a single fee to cover all treatment during your visit, but do not compromise on quality. Our Dental Office in Miami Lakes is cozy and comfortable, with clean rooms and state-of-the-art equipment. Our staff members are well trained, friendly and professional. We have experienced Miami Lakes Dentists who are willing to work together as a team in order to treat every patient as an individual case.

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Kid's Complete


(Reg. $244). Includes: exam, cleaning and X-rays and fluoride.
*Under age 14
ADA: D0150, D0210, D1120

Exam & X-rays


(Reg. $299). Includes: exam, cleaning and X-rays.
*In absence of gum disease
*Paid Patient Promotion
ADA: D0150, D0210, D1110


(Reg. $299). Includes: exam and X-rays. Fee waived if procedure completed
*Paid Patient Promotion
ADA: D0140, D0220
Our general dentistry prices and fees are disclosed up front at the start of all our consultations and exams. We offer a single fee for most general dentistry treatments. You will not receive any surprise bills at the end of your treatment. We also offer more complex treatments within the same clinic for what is possibly the lowest fees in Miami Lakes, FL.

Invisalign Case


*Most offices charge $5,500-$7,500!


You Can Eat and Drink Whatever You Want

Invisalign Is Virtually Invisible
Oral Hygiene Is Easier
You’ll Never Have Orthodontic Emergencies
Invisalign Is Comfortable
You Can Remove Your Aligners
Invisalign Platinum Provider in Miami Lakes FL

About All Dental Group

If you are looking for an exceptional dentist in Miami Lakes, Florida, look no further than All Dental Group. We are committed to gentle dentistry, patient education and cutting-edge technology. Our wide array of services includes general dentistry, cosmetic treatments, dentures, dental implants and Invisalign. To learn more, call your Miami Lakes Dentist at (305) 512-0066.

Dr. Gherbali is known for her thorough, gentle approach. She is a strong advocate of patient education, and she will take the time to explain the relationship between your mouth and the rest of your body.
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Meet Dr. Gherbali
If you are suffering from tooth loss, be sure to ask about dental implants, the gold standard in tooth replacement. Implants are permanent and provide the look, feel and function of natural teeth.
Full Dental Services at All Dental Group - Miami Lakes Dentists
We Can Provide Permanent Tooth Replacement
At All Dental Group, we offer Zoom! Teeth Whitening. This revolutionary procedure can break up stains and lighten discoloration in less than one hour!
Dr Gherbali with a Patient at All Dental Group - Dentist in Miami Lakes FL
A Bright, White Smile
At All Dental Group, our friendly, knowledgeable team works together toward one goal – your optimal health and comfort! We’re passionate about our work and are motivated to achieve the best results in a stress-free environment.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a dental check-up cost?

According to the ADA’s fee data, the average cost of the same check-up we mystery shopped – including the examination, scale and clean and a fluoride treatment – is around $222 (add an average of $90 for two X-rays). Our office in Miami Lakes offers a special price of $59 for a basic checkup

Why should I choose All Dental Group over another local Miami Lakes Dental Clinic?

At All Dental Group we see over 1,000 patients per year, many of whom continue to use our services to this day. As such, we have built up a reputation for being a dentist in Miami Lakes you can count on for quality service and gentle, compassionate treatment.

What about payment options? Do you offer payment plans?

At our Miami Lakes dental clinic, we make it easy for you to pay. We accept a wide range of payment options including Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and of course, cash. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept personal cheques, diners card, or Gift Cards.

At All Dental Group we do all that we can to keep our prices low, however despite this, we understand that dental treatments can be expensive. For this reason we offer flexible payment plans that allow you to have any treatment you need or want and pay for it in your own time.

What can I expect during my first appointment?

The first thing that any new patient can expect when they walk in, is a warm welcome from our team. Next, you’ll be asked to complete a new patient form. This details your dental and medical history and is necessary for the dentist to treat your specific needs.

During your appointment, our dentist in Miami Lakes will conduct a comprehensive examination to determine the current state of your oral health, diagnose any current or potential dental problems, and plan treatment options for you. The dentist will discuss these with you, so that you can make an informed decision about your oral health.

The dentist may also take x-rays to help diagnose problems that may exist under the surface of your teeth.

Finally, if any extra treatment is needed we will schedule another appointment with you. It really is that simple!

Do I Need to Have X-Rays?

X-rays provide your dentist with additional important information about the condition of your teeth and will reveal any hidden decay, problems with the roots of your teeth or issues with your jaw and your facial bones. Things that they can’t get to view any other way without serious undertakings that are very costly to you.

What is Invisalign?

This is a relatively new approach to teeth straightening that has been popularised by Hollywood celebrities. Often called invisible braces, the Invisalign teeth straighten system makes use of a series of transparent, clear retainers (you can think of a retainer as being like a snug fitting mouth guard).

The way it works, is that each of the retainers moves your teeth a tiny amount, as your teeth settle into their new position and become stable, you move on to the next retainer, until your teeth have been positioned to exactly where you want them to be.

What is a denture?

If, for whatever reason, you are unlucky enough to have lost all or some of your teeth, you will need dentures to replace them; you may have a full denture (replacing all the teeth), or a partial denture (replacing some of your teeth). You usually only remove your dentures for cleaning.

Dentures are not to be confused with a crown or bridge. Full dentures and partial dentures are plates the wearer can remove and replace as they choose. A bridge or a crown cannot be removed – it is cemented in place.

What are the signs of a serious dental problem?

To learn how to detect anything of concern with your oral health, here are a few common signs of more serious dental problems to be aware of.

  • Bleeding, Swollen Gums.
  • Jaw and Mouth Pain.
  • Loose Teeth.
  • Lumps In the Mouth.
  • Persistent Bad Breath.

How can I save my adult teeth?

A knocked-out adult tooth can usually be saved by putting it back in place or in milk as soon as possible, before seeing a dentist.

What is the most common dental problem in adults?

Tooth decay is also known as dental caries or dental cavities. It is the most common dental problem that dentists see in patients. Practically everyone, at some point in their life, has experienced tooth decay. Tooth decay occurs when bacteria form a film, called plaque, on the surface of teeth.

How can I get nice teeth again?

8 Great Ways to Improve Your Smile

  • Whitening. When it comes to getting a whiter and brighter smile, there are a variety of teeth-whitening products you can try.
  • Crowns. A crown is a good way to cover teeth that are discolored or badly shaped.
  • Veneers.
  • Bonding.
  • Braces.
  • Implants.
  • Brushing and Flossing.
  • Regular Dental Visits.


What is a Root Canal?

A root canal treatment is a procedure that enables the patient to keep a tooth that otherwise would have to be taken out. This kind of treatment is necessary when the pulp tissue (nerve) inside the tooth has become diseased and irreversibly damaged.

What are veneers?

Veneers are thin, tooth-colored porcelain or glass/plastic layers fixed onto the front of your teeth that can be a suitable option if you have teeth with gaps, that are stained, discolored, broken or chipped, crowded-in or crooked, oddly-shaped or badly-aligned.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is structured on a thin, metal rod, usually made from titanium; this is buried in the bone and acts an artificial tooth root by forming an attachment for a replacement tooth.

Following insertion into the bone, it is left in the gum tissue to heal. When healing is complete, it is uncovered; a small metal post is connected and that is what secures and supports the artificial tooth.

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